mens long hairstyles

There are several different and both flattering ways for men to wear their hair, of almost any length, with great bangs. It is not only women who get to benefit from the face slimming feature of bangs and men today are beginning to see the potential in this trendy style of 2008. As men today are beginning to grow out slightly longer hair to achieve the "bed head" or tussled look, this goes great with the bangs styles women love to see on men today!

First and foremost is of course the gelled up bangs that go with the short and spiked hair that has been very popular on men of all ages for many years now. Although many people think this trend came from the popular Friends character of "Ross" this was a trend that was around long before this comedy series. It is a great look for work, evenings out, pretty much everyday. It is important to keep your hair rather short in order to achieve this look because the longer it gets the harder it will become to gel your bangs up, they will want to lay down as they get longer.